Naked man terrorizes North Fort Myers family

FOX 4 Staff

Naked man terrorizes North Fort Myers family

CREATED Jan. 22, 2013

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. - Tony and LaDonna Land won't soon forget a visit from a crazed naked intruder who went wild in their North Fort Myers home Monday night.

The Lands were in the master bedroom of their home on Bayshore Road when they heard what they thought was the sound of thunder on their roof.

Mr. Land ran outside where he spotted a naked man on the roof.  That man, 21-year-old Gregory Bruni jumped off the roof landing on top of Land, knocking to the driveway.

Bruni then sprinted through the front door of the home, yelling as he made his way into the living room, pulling a 72" TV from its stand.

Mr. Land yelled at his wife to "get the gun".  As Bruni thrashed around the house knocking over a web dry vac and then headed toward their son's bedroom where several guns were stored.

At that point Mrs. Land fired three rounds from her .38 revolver hitting a wall and the ceiling as Bruni fell to the floor where he started masturbating.  Bruni then ran into the son's bedroom where he started rubbing clothing against his face while Mr. Land grabbed a shotgun.

By then deputies started to arrive and they arrived as Mr. Land got Bruni on the floor at the point of his shotgun.

The deputies ended up in a struggle with Bruni who was tased.  He was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital for tests.

Bruni is charged with criminal mischief, battery, occupied burglary and resisting arrest.