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2nd arrest made in underage sex case in Punta Gorda

FOX 4 Staff

2nd arrest made in underage sex case in Punta Gorda

CREATED Jan. 17, 2013

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. - A Jacksonville man became the second suspect arrested in connection with a sexual assault on an 11-year-old runaway girl back in September.

Charlotte County detectives arrested 54-year-old Christopher James Roberts for sexual assault on a child.

In December detectives arrested the man's son, 37-year-old Christopher Maurice Roberts for having sex with the girl.

Investigators say the girl was staying in a Fort Myers youth shelter and granted a weekend home visit. When she got home, she ran away; she was located and returned to the shelter.  Later she told a counselor about the sex by two men in an unknown Port Charlotte home who notified CCSO.

She told the counselor she was walking to a gas station to buy a soda so he offered her a ride and she accepted. During the ride she said he began discussing different sexually related topics including sexual intercourse and oral sex.

The girl said the man drove her to an unknown home in Port Charlotte and they went into a bedroom. He asked her to perform oral sex on him and she did. He then took her into the living room where the father asked her to perform oral sex on him too. The son took her back into bedroom and they had sexual intercourse. The girl gave detailed descriptions of the two men. She also said she did not offer any resistance as she was in fear for her life if she had resisted.

Both father and son are in the Charlotte County Jail held on no bond.