Fort Myers school reopens after deadly shooting in parking lot

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Fort Myers school reopens after deadly shooting in parking lot

CREATED Jan. 9, 2013 - UPDATED: Jan. 9, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla.- A Fort Myers school reopens after a deadly shooting in the parking lot. The shooting happened on Monday.

A father, 27-year-old Kristopher Smith, is gunned down while dropping his kids off at a Fort Myers Christian school making this the city's first homicide of the year. The victim's family rushed to the scene.

No children were physically harmed during the shooting, but Fox 4 reached out to the school to see how kids are dealing with the incident. Fox 4 was told no comment and a note on the school's door echoed the same message. We spoke with the victim's sister earlier this week and she is trying to understand why her brother was brutally murdered.

"A fun loving guy, no troublemaker... he's none of that, none of that. Why would someone want to do that to him?"

Fox 4 also reached out to the Fort Myers Police Department. A spokeswoman tells us that have stepped up patrols in the area and an officer was there during morning drop-off. The police department is also providing the school with a victim advocate, someone from the department who is there to assist and support victims' of crime.

Police believe the victim was targeted and continue to look for the shooter.

Anyone with information is asked to call FMPD at 321-7700 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS