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Lee County School District releases statement regarding tragedy

Eric Maze

Lee County School District releases statement regarding tragedy

CREATED Dec. 14, 2012

FORT MYERS -  The Lee County School District has released a statement regarding security within the district in the wake of Friday's shootings in Connecticut.

Dr. Alberto Rodriguez, Chief Administrative Officer for the district released the following statement:

"All School District Administrators and employees have access to and are trained in the School District of Lee County Emergency Response Plans.

All schools are required to submit an updated Emergency Plan (each update illustrates employee positions and what they are responsible for at each individual location during emergencies and other sensitive information) during the beginning of each school year.

Every school is also required to practice two (2) lockdown drills each school year (the lockdown drills are part of active- shooter drill as well) along with two (2) bomb threat drills, one (1) fire drill per month that school is in session and one (1) additional fire drill within the first thirty (30) days of school. Additionally, there are to be two (2) bus evacuation drills and one (1) tornado drill each school year."

Rodriguez also added, "all of our Emergency Response plans are in line with Law Enforcement Response Plans and Lee County Emergency Operations Center (LCEOC) Disaster Plans. All of our Emergency Response Plans are National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command Structure (ICS) compliant. The School District Emergency Response Plans have been approved by Florida State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as being NIMS and ICS Compliant."

All of the actual security plans, emergency response plans and measures that are taken at the schools and by District employees in response to a disaster - whether man made or not - are confidential and shall be guarded as such.