Hogs run wild in South Fort Myers neighborhood

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Hogs run wild in South Fort Myers neighborhood

By Kelli Stegeman. CREATED Dec 6, 2012

FORT MYERS, Fla. - It's only natural for wild animals to forage for food but homeowners in one South Fort Myers neighborhood say not in my yard!

Living next to the Six Mile Cypress Preserve is turning a South Fort Myers neighborhood into a pigsty! 

It's not the first time. The invaders are back in a big way after a more than 5 year absence. 

Cross Creek residents want to know what is being done in their neighborhood to keep them and their lawns safe! 

Four In Your Corner's Kelli Stegeman is getting them answers

"I can't do any landscaping, but i can handle a broom," said Cross Creek resident Ron Nelson, who is taking matters into his own hands and cleaning up the neighborhood after a wild night. 

"This is worse than like a farmyard in some of the areas, it's just disappointing," said resident John Loquai. 

It is a farmyard of sorts; feral hogs using this neighborhood as their nightly stomping groud searching for grubs.

"It was beautiful, before this, before the hogs moved in," Loquai said.

Residents are looking to a higher power for a feral fix other than the current rotting fence the hogs are pushing through

"It isn't working," Loquai added. "And we're looking for them to come up with something that's permanent that can solve the problem."

Fixing the problem isn't so black and white. Cross Creek has a master board that oversees everything, with 18 different neighborhood sub-associations underneath that. Those sub assocations have their hands tied when it comes to certain issues like this one leaving it up to the master board for a fix. 

"It looks like a war zone," master board president Frank Marano said. We took residents concerns straight to him. 

"For those homeowners who are maybe worried and looking for action, action is being done?" FOX 4's Kelli Stegeman asked.

"Oh absolutely," replied Manarato. "We want to act very fast. We're patching it as we speak, we have our staff out there patching holes as fast as we can but as soon as we patch them they find another place to break through the next night."

Not only are these hogs a nusiance, Manrato says he's also worried about the safety of residents and says the problem will be fixed; it's just a matter of time. 

Thursday afternoon the board approved a new fence that will be installed Friday morning directly behind parts of the old fence. The second fence will be made of steel. 


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