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Interstate 75 shut down after accident on Daniels

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Interstate 75 shut down after accident on Daniels

CREATED Nov. 6, 2012

Fort Myers, Fla.---Northbound and Southbound lanes on I 75 are closed from Colonial to Alico road after a truck hit the overpass and damaged it.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office are asking drivers to avoid that area if at all possible.

A busy stretch of I-75 is closed after a semi-truck slammed into an overpass. 

The Fox 4 Your View picture coming to us from Rick Vacha. He tells us a flatbed trailer carrying a large piece of construction equipment just slammed into the overpass at Daniels Parkway. 

Right now, both northbound and southbound lanes of I-75 are closed from  Colonial to Alico Road as crews work to clear the scene and check on the stability of the overpass.