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Cape Coral man arrested for big rig theft

FOX 4 Staff

Cape Coral man arrested for big rig theft

CREATED Oct. 31, 2012

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - Charlotte County Sheriff's Warrant Squad arrested a Cape Coral man on Tuesday for stealing a $40,000 semi-tractor from Port Charlotte on October 6th.

58-year-old William Reed Arthur is charged with felony grand theft of a motor vehicle.

The owner of U.S. Express told investigators a terminated Arthur stole a red 2007 Freightliner from the Gulf Cove area.  The owner said he fired Arthur for damaging a tractor trailer.  When he discovered the missing truck he suspected Arthur had a spare key.

A deputy called Arthur who admitted taking the truck and driving it to a Pilot gas station in Fort Myers and parking it.  The owner went to the station and could not find the truck.

Arthur was then arrested and the Florida Highway Patrol found the stolen truck in Labelle.