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Asset recovery for missing bank director difficult

Associated Press and FOX 4 Staff

Asset recovery for missing bank director difficult

CREATED Oct. 30, 2012

ATLANTA (AP) - The lawyer appointed to recover the assets of a south Georgia bank director who disappeared in June says the process is complicated by holdings in Venezuela and the fact that it's not clear whether he's still alive.
Melanie Damian has been working since August to untangle a complicated web of property and financial records to recover money for investors left empty-handed when Aubrey Lee Price went missing.
In a letter sent to associates and regulators, Price outlined many of his assets, and Damian says most of that has been accurate. One notable discrepancy is that Price describes hundreds of thousands of dollars in bank accounts in Venezuela, but current statements show those accounts are nearly empty.
Price was last seen on surveillance video at a ferry terminal in Florida.  Part of his journey took him through Fort Myers.