Where are the US Senate Candidates?

Where are the US Senate Candidates?

By John Rupolo. CREATED Oct 26, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 26, 2012

Senator Bill Nelson and Congressman Connie Mack have been crisscrossing he state campaigning for  US Senate but folks are asking - why don't we see much of them here in SW Florida?

Friday at Congressman Mack's Cape Coral office, a protest from those who claim Mack isn't representing senior citizens fairly in Congress. But there are other concerns.

"I think he needs to spend more time in this district," said one protest or.

And we heard the same criticisms about Senator Bill Nelson. Folks think he also hasn't spent enough time in SW Florida.

"I have never seen him," said one protest or.

We asked both Nelson's and Mack's office how many times in the last year they have been in SWFL.

Nelson's people wrote us, "If Senator Nelson spent everyday on the road he'd only be able to get to about 365 of the more than 400 plus municipalities in Florida.  Senator Nelson has been in Fort Myers twice so far this year."

Congressman Mack's office replied to us saying, "He has logged over 50 thousand miles getting to know voters across the state and we make every effort to balance his schedule so he is in home district quite often."