Murder suspect caught - Reporter bit by dog looking for answers

John Rupolo

Murder suspect caught - Reporter bit by dog looking for answers

CREATED Oct. 4, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct. 4, 2012

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -  At the home of 36 year old Scott Vincent Sica, the man accused of killing North Carolina police officer Greg Martin is where our journey began.  It was on October 5, 1996, according to North Carolina law enforcement, Sica shot and killed officer Martin after a traffic stop.

For the past several years, Sica has been living at a Cape home.  Neighbors tell us he lived with family members.  Neighbor Julie Whitney talked with Sica every now and then.

"He was a pretty run of the mill type of guy," said Whitney.

Another neighbor who wished not to be identified had this to say.

"I was shocked to hear he was involved in the shooting of a police officer," said one neighbor who wished not to be identified.

According to state records, Sica was part owner of an electric company being operated out of his home.  The business has been in  operation for several years.  We went to Sica's home trying to talk to relatives and that's when I met the family dog.

While the family wasn't in the mood to talk, neighbors told us Sica was in avid scuba diver and boater. Employees at Scuba Quest in Cape Coral used to see Sica several times per month.

"He seemed like a nice guy. He would come in here and get his tanks filled," said a Scuba Quest employee.

Sica is awaiting extradition to North Carolina.