How to be the best "dog parent" you can be

Cassandra Foster

How to be the best "dog parent" you can be

CREATED Sep. 25, 2012

WFTX - To help families who are considering adding a dog to their household, the Bark Busters Dog Owner’s Pledge outlines a variety of needs that potential owners should be able to commit to meeting—before they fall in love with that irresistible “puppy in the window” at a local rescue, shelter or breeder.

Often, dogs are given up to shelters because it was not decided in advance how the new pet’s health care would be paid for, what training and entertainment would be provided, or even who would take the dog out to toilet late at night.

The pledge consists of four key areas, with sub-points for each, beginning with the statement, “We will be responsible for our dog’s”:
1) health and well-being (veterinary care, food and water, daily exercise)
2) safety (restraint laws, identification, training)
3) quality of life (shelter, entertainment)
4) actions (reproduction, nuisance behaviors, waste disposal).

When families are fully prepared for the commitment of dog ownership—and take into account things like age, activity level, and size when choosing a dog—they are much more likely to enjoy a long-lasting relationship and a strong human-canine bond.


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