Charlotte County DUI arrest leads to drug cache

FOX 4 Staff

Charlotte County DUI arrest leads to drug cache

CREATED Sep. 19, 2012

GROVE CITY, Fla. - Charlotte County deputies arrested a South Gulf Cove woman Tuesday for DUI and found prescription drugs in her clothing when they took her to jail.

Deputies found 29 and a half Xanax bills in the clothing of 29-year-old Morgan Frances Carle.  This is her 19th booking into the Charlotte County Jail. 

Late Tuesday night a road deputy observed a blue Dodge truck driving erratically in the Grove City area of Placida Road and Mississippi Avenue. A traffic stop was made and the deputy recognized Carle from previous encounters. Her driver’s license was suspended, and she failed to perform field sobriety exercises. Carle was arrested and handcuffed but refused to be searched at that time. She also attempted to pull away from the deputy as he tried to get her into the patrol car but was finally secured and transported to the jail. 

Upon arrival at the jail, Carle was asked if she had anything illegal on her and she advised “no” and was then taken into the pre-intake area. Corrections deputies located 4 pills in her left front pocket and then conducted a strip search due to her actions. Deputies than located pills in her shorts, and while shaking out her shorts, two more pills fell out. A total of 29½ pills were found to be Xanax. Her breath test for alcohol content was .159 and .155 about twice the legal amount.   

Carle was charged with DUI, Introduction of Contraband into a County Jail, Possession of Xanax, Resisting an Officer, and Driving While License Suspended. She remains in jail on no bond as she was also in Violation of Probation for previous arrests.