Facebook comments hurting friends of deceased student

John Rupolo

Facebook comments hurting friends of deceased student

CREATED Sep. 17, 2012

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Ida Baker juniors Adrianna Riveria and Katie Reynolds have no words to describe the loss they feel after one of their classmates died.  So, like many others in this day of social media they turned to computers to express their feelings writing down their thoughts on their classmates facebook page and others that have been set up since her death.

"She was always so happy," said Riviera.

But as more and more people began posting comments, some of them turned nasty and vulgur.

"They posted pictures of dead bodies with flesh showing and  said we found her," said Riveria.

Some of the other comments were in such bad taste we can't even tell you what was written.

"It infuriated many people," said Kim Reynolds.

The teens tell us everyone at Ida Baker tomorrow is planning on wearing purple, their friends favorite color.  A show of respect and love for a life taken way before it's time.

"We will always love her," said Riveria.