FOX 4 gets results for Peace Day in the Park

Liza Fernandez

FOX 4 gets results for Peace Day in the Park

By Liza Fernandez. CREATED Sep 10, 2012

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Fighting for peace. The group behind Peace Day in the Park is running up against the City of Cape Coral to keep the annual event celebrating non-violence going.

This year was supposed to be the fifth annual celebration at Jaycee Park in Cape Coral.

But organizers say a fight with the city is threatening to cancel the event.

"I just wanted to get people together to celebrate this international day of peace," says organizer Zackari Van Dyne.

He and other event organizers are back at Jaycee Park in Cape Coral, finishing up plans for the 5th annual event.

"We're still loading up on vendors, we're still loading up on different organizations that want to get involved," he says.

Van Dyne's also been following up with the city's parks and rec and department.

"I was informed that this year, they kinda look for our event now.

"They kinda expect it... so that we were in that were good... that the paperwork was good and that the insurance would be taken care of," explains Van Dyne.

But not so fast.

"Two days ago, we received an email from the city saying we haven't received your application or your insurance. And we still need to give you approval for this event," Van Dyne tells us.

He  wondered why the city didn't take care of those fees this time around considering he has this proclamation signed by the mayor.

"We got that proclamation by the highest official, saying we are recognizing that day right here," he tells us.

So we went to the city's public information director.

Reporter: "The organizers say, in the past, the city has helped sponsor the event in some capacity."

Connie Barron: "In the past I think we may have waived the permit fee and the permit fee only."

The city says that's something it will gladly do again, as long as Van Dyne files the proper paperwork and covers the cost of insurance.

Reporter: "You're saying the parks department is willing to waive the permit fee?"

Connie: "Absolutely, it wasn't even a questions. I asked the parks directior, and he said no problem."

The event -- as always is free to the public -- and is scheduled for Sunday, September 23rd at Cape Coral's Jaycee Park.

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