Fort Myers Beach preps for season


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Fort Myers Beach preps for season

By Gabrielle Sarann. CREATED Sep 9, 2012

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. - "It's kind of nice to just be a little bit more relaxed," said Roxanne Applebay, of Fontana, CA, visiting with her husband, Bill.

Roxanne and Bill Applebay can't get enough of Fort Myers Beach.

"our sand is course your sand is powder," said Bill. "The ocean's warmer. Our ocean is really cold."

Neither can Malik Nau and his girlfriend, who're visiting from Miami.

"I like it," said Nau. "I like being around a lot of people."

Soon, they won't be the only ones. By November, an influx of seasonal residents, or snowbirds, will hit the sand. For the nearly two million visitors expected this year, restaurants, bars and stores will see a big boost in business.

"Will staff almost double?" asked Fox 4 reporter Gabrielle Sarann to Alexa Browning, an employee at Winds. "Yes."

At winds off Estero Boulevard, owners are making room for more inventory, the latest styles and souvenirs. Soon they'll need extra help.

"Probably have about four or five people working each shift," said Browning. "We won't have any time to go on break."

And at the Sun Deck Inn & Suites, just before you exit the island, the property is getting spruced up.

"Doing painting, landscaping around the building, new linens in the rooms," said Rick Sprole, the owner.

Sprole says sales are already up more than a quarter over last year.

"This has been one of the busiest summers we've had," said Sprole.

Season in southwest Florida runs from October through April. 

Gabrielle Sarann

Gabrielle Sarann

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Gabrielle is a reporter for FOX 4.