Naples Illustrated launches September issue featuring Patrick Nolan

Naples Illustrated launches September issue featuring Patrick Nolan

CREATED Sep. 11, 2012

NAPLES, Fla. - Naples Illustrated magazine celebrated the premier of its September issue with a special launch party at Clive Daniel Home in Naples Monday night.

Dawn NiDardo Photography shared pictures of the Super Men party with Fox 4.

Regular Fox 4 viewers will most likely recognize the face on the cover of the September issue.

It's none other than anchor Patrick Nolan.

The issue features the "Supermen" of Southwest Florida.

The magazine profiles Patrick and six other men known for their community involvement.

The cover photo features Patrick in black shirt and slacks, sitting in a classic car - a 1957 Chevrolet 150, provided by Dream Cars of Naples.

A second photo of Patrick on page 55 features him in a different pose in the car. 

Photographer Vanessa Rogers took the photos at Scanda Productions in Naples.

Patrick's haircut and style was provided by Marcy Moreno, owern of  Cre8 Salon & Spa.

Cre8 is the official salon of Fox 4.

Naples Illustrated's editors began their search for Southwest Florida's "Supermen" earlier in the summer.

 They invited readers to vote for their favorite guy based on his committment and involvement to the community. 

"Naples is one of the best small cities in the country," managing editor Kat Smith writes in the September issue.

"One big reason: the upstanding citizens who call it home. We asked our readers to vote online in a friendly, fun competition to help us elect some local stars to feature in the pages of NI."

"Meet the winners of our campaign," she writes.

"Seven stylish, successful, community-minded guys working hard to help make Naples paradise."

 The photo shoot with Patrick took place early in the morning so Rogers could get "just the right light" and because Patrick is a self-described "squinter."

The classic car, provided by Dream Cars of Naples, is so pristine, tape was applied over the buttons the back of Patrick's slacks to avoid any scratching.

Naples Illustrated and Clive Daniel Home are celebrating the premiere of the "Supermen" issue at a reception for them on September 10th in Naples.

The issue also features Carlo Zampogna, Tony Perez-Benitoa, Tom Smith, Scott Robertson, Jon Bates, and Stephen Jaron.

Patrick's co-anchor, Emily Dishnow, gave viewers a peek at the September issue on the news.

Weatherman Jim Syoen joked that he "wanted to make sure it wasn't the parody issue!"