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Lee EOC urges caution with high tide and high winds

Lee EOC urges caution with high tide and high winds

By FOX 4. CREATED Aug 26, 2012 - UPDATED: Aug 27, 2012

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Lee County Emergency Operations Center is advising residents and visitors to use extreme caution during the high-tide cycles and periods of high winds tonight and tomorrow. 

Higher than normal tides with some flooding along coastal roads and low-lying areas are expected due to the strong on-shore winds associated with Tropical Storm Isaac.  Tides will continue to be 2 to 4 feet above normal levels through tomorrow evening, especially during the high-tide cycle from 9:00 a.m to 9:30 a.m tomorrow.  If flooding threatens, be prepared to move to higher ground.  
Three safety tips to remember:
• When driving if you can’t see the road due to flooding – Turn Around, Don’t Drown.
• Use caution when crossing high bridges with high winds, and strong gusts.
• If you do not need to be out on the road, stay in, and be safe.  
Flooding from Tropical Storm Isaac may displace wildlife along the rivers and coastline.  Keep a safe distance and do not interact with any of the wildlife you may encounter.