Missing Mariner teacher tragedy takes heavy toll on families

John Rupolo

Missing Mariner teacher tragedy takes heavy toll on families

CREATED Aug. 22, 2012

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - The Amy Patterson tragedy is taking a heavy toll the relationship between her family and her ex-husband's family.

Both were in court in Alabama yesterday as Daniel Proctor was sentenced to life in prison in a separate theft case. 

Remember, Proctor refused to tell authorities anything about where Amy might be until after he got sent to prison. Daniel’s mom, Joyce Rosenbaum, is now upset about how Amy's mom, LaDonna Salehi, feels about her. 

“She told me never to talk to her again. Why? Because I haven't done anything. 20-years ago, I kept my grandson because she didn't have time. She had two children. And now she hates me.”  Joyce says.

“It's not hate. It's just that, at that point, I couldn't have any sympathy for her because I told her, I says, "You can go everyday and go look at your son if you want to.” LaDonna says.

Proctor could still face charges in the death of Amy Patterson. But, again, authorities must still confirm the remains found near her home are hers.


On the day 45 year old Daniel Proctor received two life sentences in Alabama on theft charges, he told authorities where to find the body of his former wife and then girlfriend missing Cape Coral school teacher Amy Patterson.

A body was found off of Howard Way in Bokeelia a mile from where the couple had lived.  Patterson's mother who lives in Alabama spoke to reporters about the likely discovery of her daughter's body.

"Thank god he's not going to be walking the streets," said Amy Patterson's mother.

Patterson disappeared last July after failing to report for the first day of school at Mariner Middle. Proctor was a suspect and fled in her vehicle that was later found in Alabama. He was eventually caught and has given no information about Patterson until yesterday.  Just before Patterson's disappearence, neighbor Joe Bailey remembers seeing her taking early morning walks.

"We thought he killed her and there are many place to hide a body here," said Bailey.

Just after Patterson's disapperance, the Texas search firm, Acqusearch was in Bokeelia looking for Patterson's body but found nothing.

The body discovered yesterday in Bokeelia is now in the hands of the medical examiner awaitng positive identification.