Charlotte pawn detective cracks two year old theft case

Pete Patterson Beth Patterson

Charlotte pawn detective cracks two year old theft case

By John Rinkenbaugh. CREATED Aug 15, 2012

ENGLEWOOD EAST, Fla. - A Charlotte County Sheriff's pawn detective closed a two-year old case arresting an Englewood man for stealing a $5,500 ring while an elderly man was hospitalized.

The detective also arrested the suspect's daughter for pawning the ring for $300 to buy drugs.

45-year-old Pete Michael Patterson of Englewood faces a charge of Grand Theft from a Person 65 or Older.

Investigators say Patterson took the ring while watching the house for the victim who was hospitalized at the time.

26-year-old Beth Patterson told detectives her father gave her the ring and pawned two years ago so he could purchase drugs.  She made the confession after being arrested for a parole violation and now she is charged with Dealing in Stolen Property and False Verification of Ownership.

The daughter-in-law of the 70 year old male victim located the diamond clustered ring at Young’s Creative Jewelry, 2828 S. McCall Road, Englewood East and purchased it back for $300.

That's when the pawn detective went to work and traced the transaction back to Beth Patterson.

Both father and daughter remain in jail held on no bond.