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Presidential race overshadows Florida primary

Associated Press

Presidential race overshadows Florida primary

CREATED Aug. 13, 2012

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (AP) - Rep. Connie Mack IV is looking beyond Tuesday's Senate primary while longshot candidate Dave Weldon is making phone calls hoping to win over undecided voters.
Still, presidential politics on Monday was overshadowing the GOP primary and other races on Florida's ballot.
Most observers believe Mack is a lock to win the primary and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson is facing only a minor challenger. There are some hotly contested congressional and legislative primaries, though overall there's a lack of excitement across Florida for tomorrow's election.
Mack was fundraising while Weldon, a former congressman who entered the race late, was calling regional leaders, volunteers and voters.
There was more attention on presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who spoke to a large St. Augustine crowd before a planned rally in Miami.