Fox 4 gets man's $500 refunded from bank

Colleen Hogan

Fox 4 gets man's $500 refunded from bank

CREATED Aug. 1, 2012 - UPDATED: Aug. 1, 2012

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - A fishing captain was feeling like a small fish in a murky financial pond, after he alleges Wells Fargo bait and switched him. 

He says they sold him credit card processing equipment for his small business that ended up coming with a bunch of unexpected fees that he's been trying for months to get refunded.
That's until Four In Your Corner Troubleshooter Colleen Hogan got involved.
Captain Mark Bennett's would rather be spending time on his boat, than dealing with the bank.
"It's been real busy," Bennett said. "It's been a real busy season."
He and his wife have been running their fishing charter business for 20 years.
"I get people from all over the world, I got people from Yugoslavia, Australia," he said.
Bennett decided to buy some credit card equipment from the bank so they could run cards. But he says there were problems from the start.
"Right from the beginning, it's been almost a daily battle with these people," he said.
Bennett says he was overcharged for the equipment and then got hit with a bunch of different fees that he says wasn't part of the original agreement. He ended up cancelling the account and returning the equipment.
"I kept getting hit with a $40 fee, a re-occuring fee that they would credit back into my account just to take it back out a week or two later," he said.
Bennett says he's been trying to get his almost $500 in fees and for the equipment back for months but was getting the run-around.
So we reached out to Wells Fargo to see what the deal is. Right away, someone from the bank called Bennett, saying his money was being refunded.
Wells Fargo spokesperson Kathy Harrison confirmed the matter was taken care of. She emailed this statement to Fox 4 News:
"At Wells Fargo we strive to provide every customer with high quality service.  We are pleased the situation has been resolved and have apologized to the customer for the inconvenience."
"It's a lot of money to a lot of people, but the amount of time and effort this has required to try to get it taken care of, it has become a matter of principal," Bennett said.
He's moved on with another company to handle his credit-card business but still has some advice for other small business owners.
"Read the fine print," he said.
Colleen Hogan, reporter