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Solar-powered boat on display in Ft. Myers Monday

Solar-powered boat on display in Ft. Myers Monday

By Colleen Hogan. CREATED Jul 29, 2012

MATLACHA, Fla. - With gas prices on the rises, many people are looking for alternatives. With that in mind, a special crew is powering their boat, but skipping the pump. They docked their unique boat in Matlacha Sunday.

Four In Your Corner's Colleen Hogan has more on the boat that's making waves.
It's a solar-powered boat that gets it's energy from the sun. The crew is spending some time in Southwest Florida as part of a 6,000 mile quest to break a Guinness world record.
It's called the RA, appropriately named after the Egyptian sun god. It's hooked up with 15 solar panels that are powered by the sun.
The solar-powered vessel is getting started on a journey through America's waterways, on a quest to set a world record, and talk to people about solar energy.
If you want to see the boat, it will be docked Monday at the Legacy Harbor Marina on West First Street in Ft. Myers.
If you're interested in the technology or want to follow the RA's progress, we have a link for you on the Big Red 4.
Colleen Hogan, reporter