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Candidates use caution on campaign trail

Candidates use caution on campaign trail

By Colleen Hogan. CREATED Jul 28, 2012

FT. MYERS, Fla. - Local candidates are exercising caution on the campaign trail after a door-to-door salesman was gunned down earlier this week.

Armed with a I-pad map, Lee County Commission District 2 candidate Warren Wright is hitting the streets.
"I try and be careful," Wright said. "If someone's out in their yard, I wait at the street side and I wave and I ask them if I can approach."
Wright is one of four candidates running for the District 2 seat.
Wright and his fellow candidates Cecil Pendergrass and Don Stilwell say they're also knocking on doors to get their messages to the voters.
Candidate Doug St. Cerny did not immediately return a phone call for comment. 
"it's probably one of the best parts of the campaign, meeting people and hearing what their concerns are," Pendergrass said.
Still, candidates say they're being careful after recent shootings in Lee County and in Colorado, saying people are also more cautious to open the door to someone they might not know.
"When we knock on people's doors, we have to be aware that they're also in fear," Pendergrass said.
"I'm constantly being monitored, my location, where I'm at," Wright said.
Wright uses an tracking device on his I-phone to communicate with his campaign staff, so they know where he is at all times.
Safety is something he especially consideres after his car windshield was shot out  a couple years back while campaigning for his former city council seat. Coincidence or not, it's not a situation he wants to repeat.
"It was a very scary situation," he said.
"I look for the visuals, I look for a chain, because there's always a dog attached to it," Pendergrass said. "Of course the visual signs of 'Beware of owner.' Obviously you think, do you really wanna knock on this door or not."
Colleen Hogan, reporter