Fox 4 gets answers for South Fort Myers residents worried about "dangerous" intersection

Fox 4 gets answers for South Fort Myers residents worried about "dangerous" intersection

CREATED Jul 6, 2012

 SOUTH FORT MYERS, Fla. - Some South Fort Myers residents say you could be in danger the next time you drive down bass road near health park hospital.

They're worried about what they call a  dangerous intersection. And they want to know if the county is willing to do something to  make it safer. So we took that question right to Lee DOT.

As residents of Sail Harbor near Healthpark, Paul and Christy Sickmond have seen plenty of wrecks at the intersection. 

"I seen numerous cars and SUV's flipped," says Christy.

"Once I saw a woman with a Girl Scout in her car get into a wreck."

"There were cookies all over the road and it's been one disaster after another," she says.

She and her husband say the spot where Bass Road, Park Royal Drive and Health Park Circle come together gives drivers too many options of where they want to go - creating confusion and danger.

"I've seen people just sitting in their cars at the stop sign get hit," says Christy.

"We've seen so many wrecks here," says her husband, Paul.

We'd appreciate if local officials will look into this and do something about it."

4 In Your corner  took their request to Lee DOT which says healthpark officials voiced similar concerns four years ago.

"At that time, we made some improvements," says Lee DOT traffic engineer, Steve Jansen.

 Those improvements included clearly marked signs warning drivers that it's not a four way stop.

There has been some lane re-routing and trees and shrubs were trimmed to the signs and others cars could be seen more eaily 

The county keeps track of the number of crashes there.

"Based on the amount of traffic out there, we have more than we should but it's not an outrageously high number," says Jansen.

4 In Your Count told the county about Paul and Christy's suggestions - a four way stop sign or stop light. 

The county says one of those solutions could eventually happen as part of an expansion project at Healthpark - a new wing for the Children's hospital. 

"With the new Children's hospital that's built, we anticipate that improvements to the intersection will be made," says Jansen.

 "That could be a traffic signal, it could be a roundabout or could be closing the median." 

But those kinds of changes to the roads are, at the earliest, at least several months away.
That's not soon enough for Paul and Christy - and a lot of other people.
With the first few minutes of our photographer just getting to the intersection, at least six drivers stopped to tell us that spot was dangerous and needs an immediate solution.