Sick raccoon captured in a Cape Coral neighborhood

Sick raccoon captured in a Cape Coral neighborhood

By Julie Salomone. CREATED Jun 29, 2012

CAPE CORAL- A Cape Coral homeowner traps a sick-looking raccoon in his neighbor's yard, but on a Friday night he had some trouble getting anyone to come and take it away.

Four in Your Corner Troubleshooter Julie Salomone is getting results.

Tim Linville's daughter first spotted the raccoon making its way up to a neighbor's front door.

"Did the raccoon appear to be sick?" I asked.
"Yes, appeared to be sick, hobbling along, smells bad, definitely aggressive," said Linville.

So Tim captured the animal. He was afraid for his family and dog's safety.

"I got my bucket here and went over and got a pool stick and got him to go inside there and that's where it's at now," said Linville.

Just 8 Mountain Dew bottles holding down the bin's lid. He tried to get someone out to pick up the animal.

"Nobody would come out and help?" I asked.
"No, we called Cape Coral Police Department, called the Sheriff's Department. They told us to call the Health Department if it had rabies," said Linville.

So that's when I stepped in to help.

I called Jerry Higby, the owner of Wild Things Wildlife Control, and in less than 30 minutes help arrived. The raccoon, hesitant at first, moved into the cage without much trouble.

"It's a Friday night. I called you last minute. Why come out and help?" I asked.

"I'm a sucker for the animals," said Higby.

Jerry picked up the animal completely free of charge. After saving the family from any trouble, Jerry will now help the sick raccoon.

"I'm taking it to CROW, Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, to see what they can do," said Higby.

Now Tim can rest easy.

"My dog, my daughter and wife are all safe. The neighborhood kids are safe," said Linville.

Wild Things Wildlife Control is a 24 hour emergency service.

For more information call (239) 908-1130 or visit www.wildthingsflorida.com