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Papa Murphy's to open shops in SWFL

Cassandra Foster

Papa Murphy's to open shops in SWFL

CREATED Jun. 28, 2012

WFTX -  In this economy with both parents out in the work environment, no one has time for a gourmet home-cooked meal anymore—their main focus is to get home and be with their family. Take ‘n’ bake pizza is the perfect alternative.

The idea is that the customer doesn’t just call and order the pizza. They get a pizza constructed with fresh ingredients from a Papa Murphy’s chef and then actually bake it at home themselves.

To top it off, Papa Murphy’s Chief Development Officer, Kevin King, has spoken with Erica Palmer at the Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, and plans to open up three new stores by the end of 2012 and open 19 new locations within the next few years.

In an economy struggling to gain traction, this will create 250+ jobs within the Greater Fort Myers area.

For more information on franchise opportunities, contact Papa Murph's at 877-777-5062 or visit