Update: Punta Gorda renters still dealing with spiders

Colleen Hogan

Update: Punta Gorda renters still dealing with spiders

CREATED Jun. 13, 2012

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - Spiders continue to weave a web of trouble for some Punta Gorda renters.

The story is getting national attention after Four In Your Corner's Colleen Hogan first told us Sunday night about an alleged wolf spider infestation in a rental home.
Two families live in the home but soon after they moved in, they say it became apparent they weren't the only ones living under the roof. 
Renters say they have to do a nightly check for wolf spiders because they're already found the spiders in their kids beds and hiding in towels. They say they've asked the rental management company to let them move into another property but so far, that hasn't been an option. 
"The first time I found one it was actually in my son's bed near his headboard and pillow," dad Steve Maye said. "Recently I found one under my daughter's crib."
The renters think the spider problem is coming from the attic which they say is also a mess. They snapped some pictures of what they believe is mold and animal droppings. 
They're so concerned that they had a Charlotte County inspector come out and inspect the attic earlier this week.
The renters say the inspector told them, he'd write a letter to the management company about some things that need to be fixed. Otherwise, they'd have to pay for a mold inspection which would cost them more than $300.
We reached out again to the property management company Wednesday to see if they'll move the renters into another property. We were told they're waiting to see what the inspector tells them. 
Sunbelt Management Services also sent us this email later: 
"We did act immediately and have had the home sprayed for spiders but our pest control company said it is extremely hard to kill spiders.   This particular species of spiders do not nest or spin webs to capture prey, they actively hunt.  The owner is willing to do whatever it may take to keep the spiders outside where they belong but first we have to know what to do and the owner is prepared to do whatever the experts recommend.  Moving to another house is not always the best solution because these tenants have a contract with the owner to lease the home for 1 year and he would like a fair chance to right anything that is wrong."
We'll continue to follow this story and let you know what happens.
Colleen Hogan, reporter