Edison president candidate addresses staff, student concerns

Fox 4 News Staff

Edison president candidate addresses staff, student concerns

CREATED May. 30, 2012

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Edison president candidate Joseph Sarnovsky took his time addressing students, staff members, and community members at the college's Fort Myers campus and taking many questions.

Sarnovsky says he has spent decades in public education most recently serving as the executive vice president at Seminole State College.

Sarnovsky said since funding has been limited online educational services should be emphasized.

“One way other institutions have been successful in doing that is using online resources, not just as an additional piece in the classroom, but as a piece outside.” Sarnovsky said.

But can Sarnovsky or any other candidate for that matter successful handle the baggage that will come with an Edison presidency?  The accreditation problems the college is facing, 2 former VPs suing the institution, and then there the firing of Dr. Ken Walker, who still walked away with a $500,000 dollar payout. Enrollment is down and so is morale.

“I don't think I come with any anxieties, I think I will come with a little bit of anxiousness.  I think there's a lot to be done and I think there's a lot expected quickly.” Sarnovsky said.

So given all of these problems, can Sarnovsky put pen to paper and offer solutions?

“That’s what leadership is supposed to do is help an institution not only help steer the ship in the right direction but to make corrective actions where needed.” Sarnovsky said.