FCAT district scores released

John Rupolo

FCAT district scores released

CREATED May. 18, 2012

LEE COUNTY - The FCAT scores tell the story of three districts performing near or above the state average.  But these numbers tell only part of the story. Because of the state Board of Education's decision to lower the passing grade - schools are now scrambling to make sense of the change.

"I think there trying to cover themselves," said teacher union president for the county Donna Mutzenard.

The writing test this year was made more difficult than years past and the scoring criteria was changed.  Under the 4.0 passing grade more than 60 percent of students failed.  The state is being blamed for not preparing school teachers.

"I think we could have kept it at 4.0 if the teachers had enought time to change gears," said Mutzenard.

Much depends on FCAT scores including whats called A plus money that school districts receive from the state.

"Most of the schools give it as bonuses to all employees in that school," said Mutznard.

In 2014 teacher salaries are slated to be based on test score results including the FCATS.

"There is too much emphasis on this testing,' said Mutzenard.

Some reading and math FCAT scores have yet to be released by the state.  Third graders who don't pass could be held back that's if the state doesnt change the passing grade for those tests.

"This is what I mean by high stakes testing these kids if they don't pass at certain grade levels they are held," said Mutzenard.