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Racy book not on Collier Co. library shelves

Colleen Hogan

Racy book not on Collier Co. library shelves

CREATED May. 7, 2012

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - The book '50 Shades of Grey' is a racy read that's flying off store shelves in Southwest Florida. 

It's boosting business for local book-sellers. But you won't find it in the stacks of one local library system. 
Four In Your Corner's College Hogan is talking with fans of the book who say nothing will stop people from getting their hands on the hardcover.
Brittany Moore, 24, is tearing through the third and final book in the '50 shades of Grey' series.
"It's so crazy and all over the place," Moore said. "You wanna know where they're gonna take it next."
The story in the trilogy revolves around an innocent college student who has a sexual relationship with an older man.
"She finds out he's got these really weird hang-ups and I mean very strange," Moore said.
It's strange enough to have readers hooked all across the country and in Southwest Florida. The book's on every best-seller list and it's flying off store shelves.
The most popular title at independent book-store 'One For The Books' in Cape Coral is '50 Shades of Grey.'
Owner Don Poole says the erotic novel genre's nothing new but the contents have become much more titilating over the years.
"This would have been a scandalous book 40 years ago," Poole said.
The one place you won't find the book is at the Collier County Library. A worker told us Saturday night, they haven't purchased any of the books yet and they're not sure they're going to.
"Those who wanna read it are gonna find a way," Moore said. "They can go pick it up anywhere else."
The Lee County library system is carrying the books. Currently all their copies are out and there are more than 540 people on a waiting list for the books.
Colleen Hogan, reporter