FGCU students upset over graduation delay

Andre Senior

FGCU students upset over graduation delay

CREATED Apr. 9, 2012 - UPDATED: Apr. 9, 2012

FT MYERS - A group of FGCU students are steaming mad because they will have to wait months after finishing classes this summer before they can walk the stage to get their diplomas.

"You've worked hard for that degree and then not being able to celebrate such a big day," said Chelsey Munoz, an FGCU nursing student.

Munoz plans to returns home or find employment elsewhere after finishing classes in July.

She says her academic advisor told her to apply for early graduation in April so she would not have to return to Southwest Florida in December to walk the stage.

"In the past they've said that they have allowed summer graduate to walk in the spring."

FGCU has reportedly granted similar petitions to graduate early in the past but will not do so this year.

Other students who also finish classes in the summer told Fox 4 that they too have experienced similar problems.

"We were told that as long as we signed a petition and that usually people from summer graduates are allowed to walk in the spring," said Kim Calderone.

FGCU will have spring graduations on Sunday April 29th at Alico Arena, at which time two ceremonies will be held.

Both students have been trying to get the school to add a third ceremony on the same weekend, which they insist would not cost the school any additional money.

In Your Corner took their concerns to FGCU official Dr. Ronald Toll, provost & V.P. of academic affairs for the school.
"When a third ceremony or another ceremony could be added it would help us it will help others so more families would come."

We also asked school officials why a third ceremony could not be added since the arena would already be prepared for the already planned ceremonies.

"Putting on a graduation ceremony is a major event. It includes technology, it includes musical accompaniment."

Those answers are unlikely to satisfy both women who are now worried about getting back Southwest Florida to finally walk the stage in front of their family and friends.