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Supporters, opponents of health care law demonstrate

Fox 4 News Staff

Supporters, opponents of health care law demonstrate

CREATED Mar. 27, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) - On this second day of arguments over the health care overhaul, supporters and opponents of the law have again made themselves heard outside the Supreme Court.
More than 100 supporters chanted, "A healthy America is a productive America," ''Protect the law," and, "I love Obamacare."
Some marched to music blaring from loudspeakers. A trumpeter played "When the Saints Go Marching In." Two people were wearing Statue of Liberty costumes.
One demonstrator opposing the law wore a striped prison costume and held a sign, "Obama Care is Putting the US Tax Payer in Debtors Prison."
Former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann joined a news conference by opponents of the law. The Minnesota congresswoman called it "the greatest expansion of federal power in the history of the country," and urged the court to declare it unconstitutional.

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