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Edison State College trustees teetering on uncertainty

Edison State College trustees teetering on uncertainty

By Colleen Hogan. CREATED Mar 14, 2012

CAPE CORAL - Just as it seemed things were settling down at scandal-plagued Edison State College - there's another bombshell.

The Edison Board of Trustees, which is in charge of running the school, is now teetering on uncertainty. 
State lawmakers wrapped up the legislative session last week without approving four trustees just recently nominated by Gov. Rick Scott. The Senate also failed to confirm more than 400 nominees in other positions across the state. 
At Edison, the news is especially tough after multiple academic and financial scandals.
"Right now we are in turmoil," Trustee Pamela Seay said. "All this does is stir up more."
Seay is enraged over the failure of the Florida Senate to approve four Edison board appointments and 400 others statewide.
"We have made a lot of progress in a short period of time," said Seay. "We have made a great number of changes."
Changes like firing Edison's former president Dr. Ken Walker and a number of other top administrators over scandals that rocked the school and continue to threaten its accreditation.
"I know the message I got," Seay said, of the lawmakers, "was 'We don't approve of you.' That to me was a bit disturbing."
Disturbing to Seay, since lawmakers didn't approve Scott's appointments. The governor  now has 45 days to reappoint them again or leave the positions vacant. 
"There's no predictability," she said. "There's no stability and one of the things that Edison lacked more than anything else was stability."
Fox 4 reached out to both the governor's office and senate leaders to find out what why the appointments weren't approved. We heard back from the governor's spokesperson, who declined to be quoted but says all the appointments are "under review." 
It's a sentiment that's not sitting well with Seay.
"The senate has just stirred it up again," she said. "That an error I think on their part. Was this political? I don't know."
Also uncertain, how all this will affect Dr. Walker's lawsuits with the school.
"The actions that we've taken will be not be invalidated," Seay said. "The actions that we have taken will stand."
Colleen Hogan