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Students praying in school debate

Students praying in school debate

By Elizabeth Paz. CREATED Feb 3, 2012

Should your kids be able to pray freely in public schools? They will if some state lawmakers have their way. 

A bill being discussed in Tallahassee would allow students to share inspirational messages, including prayer in school, as long as adults stay out of it. Some members of the ACLU call this bill unnecessary and it's got many people on both sides of the fence.
Sandy from Cape Coral, agrees with the new proposed bill, “One nation under God' was how this nation was formed. The ACLU needs to stay out of it."
However, Bonnie from Fort Myers disagrees, "School is for education. If you want to pray, go to your temple, synagogue, and church and do it there."
According to Dee, this bill is a good idea. “I definitely feel that God should be brought back and prayer should be brought back into our school system. It could actually save some of our students."