Report: Walker should be fired with cause

Colleen Hogan

Report: Walker should be fired with cause

CREATED Jan. 21, 2012

FT. MYERS, FLA. - A shocking report released Saturday by the law firm hired by the Edison Board of Trustees says Dr. Ken Walker should be fired, with cause.

The report says the ousted president, who's currently on administrative leave, should be fired with cause. 

Four In Your Corner's Colleen Hogan is finding out what a trustee has to say and what this could mean for taxpayers who are still paying Walker's salary while he's on administrative leave.

According to the school's website, taxpayers are paying Walker more than $17,000 every two weeks, to stay home. 
Board members want to change that. 
"The document itself tells us there are some serious concerns," trustee Pamela Seay said.
The report is hundreds of pages long but there's one bottom line. Investigators say, Walker failed in his leadership, supervision and management of the college.
"I find it disturbing," Seay said.
Seay says the report proves the problems the school had under Walker's leadership.
"I find it very disconcerting actually that we have so many concerns," she said. "Frankly, I didn't expect it to be as extensive as this."
The law firm lists ten reasons for terminating Walker. The report offers hundreds of pages of explanation and examples.
In a summary, the report states Walker was, quote:
"Responsible for leadership, supervision and management of the college. There is strong evidence that Walker has failed in each of those areas."
The report also states Walker kept his compensation and other important information from the board. The report lists accrediation issues, course substitution issues and nursing accrediation issues as main reasons Walker should be fired with cause.
The report goes on to say that Walker used poor judgment and tried to interfere improperly with two different outside investigations into alleged discrimination and the course swapping scandal at the college.
"The extent of the problems, ya I am surprised by that," Seay said.
She called the report a step in the right direction, and credits Fox 4 with uncovering and exposing many of the issues with Walker and the college under his reign.
"I think that the media, particularly what Fox 4 has done in investigating this has been a very positive community approach," she said. "I think that the work of Fox four in helping to uncover some of the problems, I think that's important."
Trustees meet Tuesday. They could vote to fire Walker with cause, then. 
Seay says getting rid of Walker for good sends a signal that the board wants to protect the school's integrity. She does expert Walker to sue, so the process could take time.
Colleen Hogan, reporter