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Mystery surrounding dog's death

Barry Miller

Mystery surrounding dog's death

CREATED Dec. 27, 2011

FORT MYERS ---When Paige Reilly noticed her 2-year old Pomeranian, Bentley, wasn't acting right, she brought him to Affordable Animal Care Clinic at the Riverside Shopping Center in Fort Myers. Reilly says the clinic's vet said Bentley needed surgery and she could pick him up the next morning.
Reilly says, "The next day I get a phone call around 9 o'clock saying that he passed away, I wasn't given a reason why he passed away but I couldn't pick him up until Monday because the owner of the clinic, Gina, was taking him to her house until Monday morning." 
When asked why the clinic’s owner was taking Bentley’s body to her private home, Reilly replied, "No reason, I wasn't given a reason."
Reilly says even though Bentley was dead she still wanted to see him, "I wanted to hold him one more time and say goodbye to him and have closure."
Reilly says she was told Bentley's body was already sent to be cremated. She then called Green Brier, the crematorium which services the clinic. Green Brier said they never even picked up her dog.
Fox 4 contacted Green Brier ourselves and the owner, Debbie Mulrine, told us her company won't pick up a pet unless the owner first fills out an authorization form, something Reilly never did.  So we wanted to know what really happened to Bentley? Since Bentley disappeared a few weeks ago his owners have come to Affordable Animal Care Clinic a few times to try to get his medical records and find out exactly what happened. Instead, they said, they got thrown out. So we went there to try and get some answers for ourselves.
Instead, a clinic worker told us, "We're running a business and you're interrupting.”
Fox 4’s Mike Mason then told her, “The owner of this dog wants to know where their dog is.”
The worker replied, "Here's the thing you need to get out of the clinic.”
That’s when we left. The clinic's owner, Gina Breshear, told Fox 4 she contacted Reilly to pick up Bentley's body but Reilly never showed up.
Reilly says that's not true and she wants to know what really happened, "Does she have Bentley? Has she given Bentley away? Where is Bentley."
The owner of the clinic says she never charged the Reilly's for Bentley's surgery. The Reillys say they are looking to hire an attorney and sue the clinic.