New Edison board member gives Walker a "D"

New Edison board member gives Walker a "D"

By Matt Grant. CREATED Nov 2, 2011

FORT MYERS - The newest Edison board of trustee says something "dramatic" needs to be done to turn the college around and says she'd grade Walker's performance a "D" grade.

"If I were his professor and I was looking at him for his administrative skills in an administrative class," said Seay, "he'd be somewhere hovering in a D."

So is a D acceptable for the college's top administrator?

"If your major is administration," said Seay, "no."

The governor made immediate replacements on the Edison Board of Trustees Wednesday, replacing outgoing board members.

Brian Chapman Jr. of Cape Coral, Marjorie Starnes-Bilotti of Fort Myers, "Eddie" Webb III of Punta Gorda and FGCU professor Pamella Seay of Port Charlotte were all appointed effective immediately.

Sources say they had their oath of office over-nighted to speed up the process.

Seay spoke with Fox 4 exclusively by phone and says college president Dr. Ken Walker needs to be held accountable for the college's scandals - saying the college needs someone who is focused on the students.

"If that's not [Walker]," said Seay, "he needs to go."

Walker has been under fire for a series of scandals rocking the college from illegal course swapping, to discrimination claims, to an expensive exodus of administrators.

"You have to make sure that, number one, your faculty and your students have confidence in your administration," said Seay. "When that is eroded beyond repair than you definitely have to do something and it has to be dramatic."

After a vote of no confidence and calls for resignation by faculty and students that confidence appears to have eroded.

Seay, who taught legal studies at Edison from 1993-1996, says she shares in the shock felt by many over Walker's unusually high salary, which hovers around $1 million. 

"When [people] look at a president of a college making eight times, 10 times what they do, or more," said Seay, "they have every right to be concerned about that and they have every right to have us as a board address that."

Even though none of the new board members have been approved by the state senate, all are expected to be at this Friday's board meeting which starts at 10 a.m. It is open to the public.

Matt Grant, Reporter