Rina quickly becomes a hurricane

Jim Syoen

Rina quickly becomes a hurricane

CREATED Oct. 24, 2011

Hurricane Rina is going to be a very interesting hurricane to watch this week.


At 5pm, the hurricane was located about 195 miles SW of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean, with winds at 75 mph, and is moving W/NW at 3 mph.  The National Hurricane Center does expect this storm to get stronger over the next few days as it will continue to move slowly.  Then, it will likely encounter many factors that will work against it.  Drier air, increased wind shear, interaction with a cold front in the Gulf, and eventually cooler waters.  


Some of the computer model do take the storm in the general direction of Florida by the weekend, but other models keep it well to the south and over the Yucatan.  Due to many of the factors mentioned above, the National Hurricane Center has expressed very low confidence in their long term forecast.


This storm bears monitoring over the next few days, and it may increase our rain chance by the end of the week.  If the storm does take a track that brings it closer to Florida, at this time it does not appear that this would be a life changing weather event.