Giving to others

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  • The Red Cross was amazing! They made daily trips to Deep Creek giving out free hot meals at lunch time. What a big boost it gave us as we rebuilt after Hurricane Charlie. Dan Cormier, Deep Creek

  • I know this story probably wouldnt seem important to most at first glance; but i can gather a bunch of little kids who have been effected, some with disabilities and some who just found pure happiness by walking to the store with their parents and passing the neighborhood goat who would neigh at them and wag her tail the little kids would yell across the fence "Hi,Millie Goat" "Bye-bye" and in a not so great neighborhood it gave light maybe to some kids who didn't have such great parents either...This Past week i had to endure the worst thing i could ever imagine for only being 20 years old i had to sit by Millie goats side as she suffered from the traumatic and painful assault from two very mean pit bulls dogs..who came threw a hole in my fence... because the residence of the not so nice people who owned these dogs wasn't fenced in... they did such unimaginable violent things to my poor defenseless goat, that they had to of done it before to another animal... they went for her throat, her private parts they even tore her ears apart.. she had broken legs and torn tendons... these dogs knew what they were doing.. Millie gave a good fight trying to pull through even with the horrible injuries she had she made it 3 of what seemed to me and i know to her the longest days.. with the help of a near-by volunteer vet, who if i didnt find millie wouldnt of had the chance, i think in the end it was just such a nightmare to her that no medicine could help and the stress of what happened made her strength fade away and made it to where she let go. when i pulled into my driveway and saw a dog by her i immediately went over there at first glance saw two dogs and Millie laying on the ground, her chain wrapped around branches higher than my head, showing that she had been giving it a good fight for survival, but even when i got out of the car the dogs started growling at me, and wouldn't back down showing that they were determined had had more in them than my goat. My boyfriends mo

  • Capt. Rob Modys of SoulMate Charters, Fort Myers Beach, Fl. spent a good part of the past week on the nearshore Gulf waters. Spanish mackerel are the easy mark, but with a little work, pompano, sea trout and out-of-season gag grouper are in the mix. Live shrimp has been the go-to and that will get things started, but don’t overlook catching live threadfin herrings. They will get it done when looking for bigger fish. The shark bite is on in about 15 feet of water. Anchor up, chum with cut ladyfish, jacks or herrings and it won’t take long for a bite. Blacktips, hammerheads, bulls and lemons are the usual suspects. The backcountry of Estero Bay has been giving up some nice redfish and snook but an early start is a must. Photo Courtesy Capt. Rob Modys Click "LIKE" if you like Ethan's Big Mac too!