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Squatter in Cape Coral home?

Squatter in Cape Coral home

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Effort forms to purchase Everglades Wonder Gardens

The nonprofit group Bonita Wonder Gardens Inc. is seeking investors for a bridge loan to buy Everglades Wonder Gardens, and preserve the attraction for future generations.

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Farmers Market will go on as planned in Golden Gate this weekend

The Farmers Market held at the Golden Gate Community Center will go on as planned this Saturday.

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Decision looms over captive orca, but fate of Lolita unclear

For years, animal activists have campaigned to free a killer whale that was captured from Puget Sound waters in 1970 and has been performing at Miami Seaquarium in Florida for over four decades.

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Passengers kick out Mass. train windows to escape alleged smoke-filled car

Passengers on a Boston subway panicked and smashed windows to escape an allegedly smoke-filled car Thursday.

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