• 1 hour ago

Deputies search for missing taxi driver

Lee County deputies are asking for help in tracking down a missing taxi driver.

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  • 2 hours ago

Prosecutor asked to investigate ouster of state's top cop

A St. Petersburg attorney is asking a Tallahassee prosecutor to investigate whether Gov. Rick Scott and three Cabinet officials violated the state's open meetings law.

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  • 3 hours ago

Smoke from controlled burn at Babock Ranch spreads to Fort Myers

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is performing a 3,000 acre burn at Babock Ranch.

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  • 4 hours ago

Perry: Ongoing felony case won't delay 2016 preparations

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry says an ongoing felony abuse-of-power case against him won't delay his preparations for a possible 2016 presidential run.

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  • 3 hours ago Video

‘Friendship Nine’ convictions overturned in S.C.

Court clears black civil rights activists arrested at a lunch counter in 1961.

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