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Technical problems at FOX 4

Fox 4 has experienced a catastrophic failure at our transmitter.

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  • 2 hours ago

Teen suspended for Lee Co bus fight says she's sorry

A South Fort Myers teen is speaking out after a hearing was held today at district headquarters to decide to her fate following a brawl she got into as she stepped off the school bus two weeks ago.

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Congressman speaks on Ebola

Southwest Florida Congressman Curt Clawson talking candidly about the Ebola crisis and what the federal government needs to do to protect you.

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Lee County adds ten school resource officers

the lee county school board made a very expensive decision last night, but they say it's going to keep your kids safer.

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Dallas nurse Amber Vinson is Ebola-free, family says

Vinson has reportedly been cleared to transfer out of isolation into another unit, where she is still being treated.

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