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Off-grid woman defies special magistrate's order

July 28th was the deadline for the Cape Coral woman fighting the city over her off-grid lifestyle to fix the code violations leveled against her or vacate her home.

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NAACP to file complaint alleging excessive force at CCSO

A father of two and former mentor to troubled children claims Collier County Sheriff's deputies crossed the line. That they got violent when they arrested him. The local NAACP is now getting involved.

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Teens set themselves on fire in new social media trend

In the latest social media trend, teens are dousing themselves in alcohol, lighting themselves on fire, and posting it on social media.

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Marine Corps vet says Lee County deputy threatened her via voicemail

Woman says Lee County deputy threatened her via voicemail

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Wet Wednesday


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Study says almost 35% of Americans in debt collections

Hawaii tops the list of residents with most debt.

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