• 4 minutes ago

Food court fight in Edison Mall

Pepper spray affected several shoppers at Edison Mall when two Fort Myers women got into an argument in the food court Thursday night.

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  • 25 minutes ago

Pedestrian dead and at fault after being struck by car

A man died Friday after being struck by a car Thursday while trying to cross Palm Beach Blvd. near Shoreland Drive.

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  • 3 hours ago

Two people taken to hospital after domestic dispute in Port Charlotte

Two people were taken to the hospital Friday morning after a reported domestic dispute.

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  • 4 hours ago

Kids trapped in snow pile in New York rescued by police

New York police believe two boys trapped in a snow pile in the Hudson Valley for several hours after a plow buried them were able to survive thanks to an air pocket in the heavy, wet snow.

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  • 43 minutes ago Video

Gunman dead after opening fire in downtown Austin, Texas

The suspect targeted 'multiple buildings,' including the Mexican consulate and police headquarters, in what appears to be a politically motivated attack.

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