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Campaign Twitter war gets ugly

The congressional campaign has gotten so ugly, Lizbeth Benacquisto's campaign manager and former congressman Curt Clawson supporter, Connie Mack, getting into a virtual smack down on Twitter!

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Cape Coral woman pays sewer bill for 28 years, learns she was never hooked up

At age 90, Ronnie Tribulas knows her rights from wrongs. She says, what isn't right, is paying sewer bills for 28 years, only to find out she was never hooked up to the city's sewer system.

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Firefighters injured in Golden Gate while battling house fire

Two firefighters have been injured while battling flames in the 1400 block of 39th street Southwest.

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In daycare crash, 2nd driver's DUI test negative

The driver of a car that was hit by an SUV, and then crashed into a day care center, has tested negative for driving under the influence.

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Man hit with $525 fine for refilling his soda without paying

South Carolina construction worker also lost his job as a result of the ‘theft.’

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