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Fort Myers police investigate shooting

Police are looking for a suspect in the shooting of a Fort Myers teen.

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Friends, Laishly Crab House staff reflect on Joe Maddon's departure

The man who took the Tampa Bay Rays from baseball's doormat to the doorstep of a world championship is gone. Joe Maddon opted out of his contract today leaving the Rays without a manager. The Rays spring training home is in Charlotte County, where folks are sad to see their skipper go.

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Pulled ‘Breaking Bad’ action figures could be worth a fortune, says expert

The controversial ‘Breaking Bad’ action figures may not be on Toys “R” Us shelves anymore, but experts predict the value of the collectibles could equal a huge payday on the second-hand market

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Did Tamara Davis' behavior drive her teen to kill her?

drug use, prostitution, theft and physical violence; neighbors and friends told investigators that behind closed doors, davis and landrums' home was a living hell.

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Washington high school gunman identified as Jaylen Fryberg

One other student was reportedly killed in the incident -- as many as six others have been injured.

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