Senior student project is creating online buzz

Senior student project is creating online buzz

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Feb 21, 2014

New Yorker Yoonjin Lee, a senior at School of Visual Arts, has created a school project called the "Little Lost Project" that has gone viral in teaching us all to remember the "little moments in life."   

"The 22-year-old Yoonjin Lee's 'Little Lost Project' is making waves online. All sorts of lost objects are seen holding up adorable cardboard signs in the hopes of gaining the attention of passing city dwellers," reports "Today."

"Sometimes the signs simply say, 'Help! I'm lost,' and sometimes they convey a message that's a wee bit more tragic: 'Once upon a time, I was someone's cute lip balm.'"

A graphic design major, Lee's assignment was to "create a mystery on the street," further notes "Today." 

Lee only uses lost items that she's found. Click here to view the thought provoking gallery.