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Father given bad news writes more than 800 notes to child


Father given bad news writes more than 800 notes to child

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jan 27, 2014

Garth Callaghan is known as the Napkin Notes Dad. He even has a website with that title and a Facebook page.

Callaghan began writing napkin notes to his daughter, Emma, when she was a young child. He would get up early every morning and spend hours searching for the best quote for that day.

After Callaghan was diagnosed with cancer three times within two years, his doctor finally told him that he was "high risk." Callaghan asked him what he meant. His doctor responded, "You are going to die of this."

Callaghan only has about an eight percent chance of surviving another five years. That means he probably won't be around to see Emma graduate. So, he is on a mission. He has now written more than 800 napkin notes to his daughter.

Emma and Garth have also put together a collection of the notes for other people. He says that he hopes it inspires other people to put napkin notes into lunches for their children. You can find the collection on Amazon.com.

Joyce Lupiani

Joyce Lupiani

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