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Family cat saves boy from dog attack


Family cat saves boy from dog attack

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED May 14, 2014

Jeremy Triantafilo, 4, was riding his bicycle in his driveway in Bakersfield, Calif., when a neighbor's dog got loose and ran up behind him, taking hold of his leg in an attack. Triantafilo's family cat Tara, however, immediately ran to his rescue.

Tara chased away the dog, while Triantafilo's mother Erika rushed the young boy to safety. Jeremy has mild autism, and Erika was close-by watering a tree during the unexpected attack.

Erika tells 23ABC that Tara joined their family in 2008. "She also said the dog belonged to a neighbor and is now under voluntary observation for two weeks at Bakersfield Animal Control," reports 23ABC. The neighbor called 911 directly following the attack.

"Tara is my hero," shares Jeremy with 23ABC.

Watch above to see Tara unbelievably run to Jeremy's aid. Please note: The end of the video includes graphic photos of the boy's wounds.

Julianne Cassidy

Julianne Cassidy

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A city girl gone country, Julianne Cassidy is a newly Nashville-based entertainment journalist from Philadelphia.