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Report Highlight MSU's Energy-Saving, Recycling Success

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MSU's energy-saving and recycling efforts are proving to be a success.

Report Highlight MSU's Energy-Saving, Recycling Success

CREATED Oct. 28, 2013

Michigan State University just keeps getting greener.

At the Oct. 25 MSU Board of Trustees meeting, the Office of Campus Sustainability presented its 2013 report, which noted a number of milestones reached this past year, including:

An increase in on-campus recycling of 60 percent since 2008

A 17 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2010

A 53 percent reduction in coal use in the MSU Power Plant since 2010

The report also updated the campus community on the status of the Energy Transition Plan, a blueprint that is guiding MSU’s future energy decisions; gave additional information on the Global Water Initiative; and highlighted the academic side of sustainability – MSU currently offers 425 sustainability-focused or related courses.

And, in keeping with MSU’s sustainability efforts, the report is online a