Students Protest Against Liberal Professor

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Students Protest Against Liberal Professor

CREATED Sep. 13, 2013

East Lansing, MI - It's an issue that has gained national attention, and a group of students in East Lansing aren't letting it go away. The blatant bullying on display for students during the first day of class at Michigan State University is unacceptable. Professor William Penn's blatant liberal bias in the public classroom cannot be tolerated.

In response to Penn's tirade against Republicans, including complaints of how Republicans have “raped” the country, the MSU Campus Conservatives are protesting Professor Penn's actions outside the Hannah Administration Building, located at the heart of MSU campus. The President of the Conservatives will be addressing the Board-of-Trustees on Penn's removal from the classroom, with the position that more needs to be done to prevent such bias on campus.

“Simply removing Professor Penn from his teaching duties is not enough”, said Matt Bedard. President of the MSU Campus Conservatives. “placing Penn on paid leave is the equivalent to giving him a paid vacation, which sets a terrible precedent for the university; students will only suffer when bigotry takes the place of learning.”

“Michigan State faculty should be held to higher standard. Their conduct in and outside of the classroom reflects on Michigan State University and its alumni. Bullying in the classroom makes all Spartans look bad and does not allow for the students to think critically about these important topics. Because of this, Professor Penn should not receive pay during this suspension.” said Nate Sherman, a recent MSU alumni.

MSU Campus Conservatives is a student political group, devoted to upholding the Constitution and spreading Conservative ideas on campus. For more information about the background of this story, please visit