Construction Junction

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Construction Junction

CREATED Jun. 13, 2013

Michigan State University's President, Lou Anna K. Simon, launched her vision for the 'Boldness by Design' plan in 2005. 'Boldness by Design' is a part of Michigan State's goal 'to renew public trust in the value of land-grant universities, and the vital role that they play in leading the nation, and the world, to a better tomorrow.'

Construction Junctions seeks to play into the 'Boldness by Design' strategic positioning initiative to enrich the community at large. The Physical Plant provides regular opportunities for dialogue and engagement within the community, by hosting town hall-esque meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to inform MSU students, faculty and staff, about the projects in design and under construction. By offering an open dialogue setting, feedback is welcomed and gathered from the MSU community.

Construction Junctions offers a monthly meeting, held on the second Thursday of the month in Room 147 of the Communication Arts and Sciences Building at MSU at 8:30 a.m. Agendas for upcoming meetings are always posted in advance, as well as past meeting materials, so that they can be referenced in case you missed the meeting or want to share information with others.

For more information visit the MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities website.