5 Tips for Graduating Seniors

5 Tips for Graduating Seniors

By Lauren McCullough. CREATED Apr 12, 2013

With the semester slowly but surely coming to an end, college seniors are preparing for one common goal, GRADUATION. Graduating from college is not only stressful but can be an extremely overwhelming time in a person's life. Here are 5 tips for college graduation and hopefully how to make the next steps in your life a little easier. 

1.) Do You Have Enough Credits? –This is a common mistake that many graduating seniors never pay attention too. Make sure you talk to your advisor, check out your school's website or visit the Registrar’s office so you aren’t left watching from the back on commencement day.

2.) Complete the Required Paperwork – One of the most commonly overlooked pieces when it comes to graduation is making sure you have all of your paperwork turned in.  Most colleges require you to submit a graduation application or an ‘Intent to graduate’ form before your last semester.  This usually includes the name you would like on your diploma along with the address you would like it sent to.

3.) Make Required Payments Make certain all of your outstanding fees are paid along with any new ones associated with graduation. Check your account often and be to resolve and unauthorized charges.

4.) Order Your Cap and Gown This varies from school to school.  Some schools pay for each graduating senior’s cap and gown while other’s do not.  Check with the bookstore as this is usually where they are ordered from.  

5.) Enjoy the time you have left!!! – While you need to make sure you are ready to move on you should also be enjoying the time you have now.  Hang out with your friends, enjoy only having to attend three classes a day and make the most of your last few months of college.  Just make sure to keep these tips in mind when you do start thinking about your future.


Good luck and congratulations to the Class of 2013!