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Safety Tips for St.Patrick's Day

Stefanie Pohl

Safety Tips for St.Patrick's Day

CREATED Mar. 14, 2013

We all know that St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching. Students from Michigan State will flood the streets of East Lansing with their Leprechaun painted faces, green t-shirts, and shamrock socks. But whether you are going out to celebrate or hosting a party at home, follow these St. Patrick's Day safety tips to ensure your day is safe and one to remember. 

•Don’t bring valuables to any celebration. Only bring with you what is necessary, such as your driver's license, money, a phone, and a list of emergency contacts. 

•Never leave drinks unattended. Many pubs have outdoor tents set up with port-a-potties outside. Finish your drinks before hitting the restroom. 

•If you are the designated driver; watch out for intoxicated walkers who pay no attention to lights or crosswalks. 

•If you plan on drinking, don't drive! Protect yourself and others by having a designated driver and make sure everyone wears a seat belt. 

• Use public transportation or take a cab both to and from your location so you can avoid leaving your car in an unfamiliar place overnight. Many places offer free rides. 

•If going out with a group of friends, have everyone "buddy up" to make sure they get home safely. 

•Stay hydrated. Make sure you don't drink on an empty stomach and definitely consume water or non-alcoholic beverages in between drinks.

•If you become separated from your group, don't wander off alone. Ask the party staff to contact a taxi company for you. 

•Have phone numbers handy for a cab company, emergency contacts and poison control. 

•If cups are unattended for a while; remember to dump them out immediately

Hope these tips helped! Happy St. Patty’s Day!