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MSU Reduces Student Transitional Housing Assignments by 27 Percent

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MSU Reduces Student Transitional Housing Assignments by 27 Percent

CREATED Sep. 14, 2012

EAST LANSING, MICH. – Effective September 12, Michigan State University’s Residence Education and Housing Services department has reduced the number of student transitional housing assignments by 27 percent, with all resident assistants (RAs) and Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions (OCAT) aides, and roommates now in permanent housing assignments for the academic year.

As of September 13, there were 262 transitional rooms, down from 358 transitional rooms at residence hall opening. Of the 262 rooms, 11 represent voluntary transitional rooms, meaning these students have decided to continue living with their current roommates. Last year at this time, there were 337 transitional rooms, down from 566 rooms at 2011 opening. 

To account for this year’s increased student enrollment and residence hall renovations, REHS placed a small number of students in fall transitional housing assignments as has been practiced in years past. Transitional housing assignments are residence hall rooms that have been converted to house one additional student. To keep the number of students in transitional housing to a minimum, RAs and OCAT aides were assigned temporary roommates; a change from the single rooms these student leaders are typically assigned. These student leaders are compensated for their roles as live-in student staff with free room and board.

By RAs and OCAT aides hosting temporary roommates, 900 new students were prevented from being placed in transitional housing,” said Mackenzie Fritz, associate director of residence education for REHS. “We wanted to ensure that, despite the increased student enrollment and residence hall renovation projects, all student residents felt safe, secure and welcomed to the MSU community.”

RAs and OCAT aides demonstrated servant leadership by being gracious hosts and building positive relationships with their temporary roommates, many of whom were first-year students.

“Our RAs and OCAT aides rose to the challenge and were an integral part of the solution,” said Fritz. “We are extremely proud to have them as student leaders at MSU.”

The department’s Housing Assignments Office continues to process cancellations and permanently assign students in transitional rooms. Students assigned to transitional housing receive a rebate to their student account for the time they are in the assignment. Students who were temporarily housed with RAs or OCAT aides received a voucher for a free sweatshirt at the MSU Union as well as other incentives during their stay. 


Residence Education and Housing Services is a department of the Division of Residential and Hospitality Serviced at Michigan State University.

Source: Press Release