FIRST ON FOX: Exclusive Interview with WWE Roman Reigns

The Shield. Courtesy Wharton Center. Photo: Image by John Giamundo

FIRST ON FOX: Exclusive Interview with WWE Roman Reigns

By Jane Sugiyama. CREATED Sep 12, 2013

WWE Live! is coming to the Breslin Center on Friday, September 13 at 7:30PM. Before the wrestlers hit the ring, we caught up with Roman Reigns, a member of The Shield. Appearing for the first time in Lansing at the Breslin Center, The Shield is matched up against some tough competitors, including the Prime Time Players. 

We spoke to Roman about what led to his career as a professional wrestler, his involvement with The Shield and what to expect in Friday night's throwdown match-up at the Breslin Center. 

Jane Sugiyama: Once a football player, now a wrestler--tell us about that transition. 

Roman Reigns: Football made transitioning into wrestling easier because of the toughness that you have to have when playing football. You have to be aggressive and hard-nosed, and ultimately you must have the pedigree of being able to get through the hard times. You are constantly slamming into people and your body hurts. But, wrestling is worse than football, in the respect that you can never win; you can never beat the mat. 

JS: What former wrestler do you model your moves after? 

RR: Moves get recycled, but I tend to use "the spear" a lot. Former wrestler Edge made the move pretty popular, but I would like to think that I have tweaked it a little and made it even better. 

JS: Other than "the spear," do you have a signature move? 

RR: I have speared just about everyone in the WWE. It tends to be my move to end things and take the other guy out. My favorite is The Shield's finishing move called "The Triple Power Bomb." All together with the force of three men, we crush our opponent into the mat. It is really powerful. 

JS: Tell us about the evolution, purpose and goal of The Shield. 

RR: Every single day is a process and we are constantly evolving to make things our own. We like to go in new directions to keep things interesting and cool. We are all single competitors, but we have a common goal to make the WWE better. The Shield is working to revolutionize the company from the inside out, while fighting to make it to the top. 

JS: What can we expect to see tomorrow night at the Breslin Center? 

RR: We are taking on the Prime Time Players (PTP). Unfortunately for them, we are absolutely, one hundred percent going to win. The Shield always wins. But, PTP and Rob Van Dam may not be enough, if the situation arises, may have to pick off somebody else like Daniel Bryan. 

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